Tuesday, April 22, 2008

SLC Hammers - Trading Block

Here's a summary of players on the Salt Lake City Hammers trading block. No stupid contracts. Nobody who does not belong in the ML.

Some of them have team options or are up for arbitration. You'll have to move fast on those, as I won't be waiting around for the best possible offer.

Ages are Season 8. "Last Season" is 7.

John Scarsone - SS - 31 - 1 yr @ $4M. Top SS 3 Range Factor. Top 10 Fld%. 16-63-.291-.461 w/ 12 SB. Fielding range & hitting ratings improved last season. If you're looking for a SS to hold down the fort for a few seasons so you don't have to rush your SS Of The Future to the ML, here's your guy. Will consider tossing in some $$ for this year's salary.

Taylor Fisher - DH/C - 33 - 1 yr @ 4.2M - Crushes LHP (hit cleanup for the 1st place Hammers). OK vs. RHP. You don't want him behind the plate much, if at all. DH or big bat of the bench. Not looking for much. Will consider helping with salary.

Norman Lombard - C - 28 - Yr 1 Arb - $1.4M arb - 5 yr / $20M long term - If you're looking for a no-hit, defensive stud, this is not your guy. Ave behind the plate. 4th in the ML in Caught Stealings in Season 7. Middle of the pack Caught Stealing %. High durability & health, so he plays every day. 85 makeup, so there's no reason he won't still improve some. Expect low 20s HR, .290 Ave, .480 SLG..

Pedro Manual - CF - 28 - Yr 1 Arb - $1.6M arb - 4 yr / $19.2 M long term - Over 80 Range and Glove. Hits .300. Steals some bases. If you think you need an all-star at every position to win, he's not your guy. If you need a leadoff hitter who can run and field, he might be.

Harry Banks - 1B - 26 - Yr 1 Arb - $895K arb - 2 yr / $4.4 M long term - Averaged 20+ HR & .300 BA over the past 2 season. Was stuck on a messed up team for 4 years, so his development has been slower than it seems like it should have been. Still young. Got his health. And I'm obviously not going to be asking for a whole lot in return.

Anthony Borbon - 2B,3B,OF - 26 - Yr 1 Arb - $1.4M arb - 4 yr / $19.2M long term - This might be the best young player you have any shot at trading for this season. He ain't gunna be cheap, but he can be had.

Butch Brooks - 3B/COF - 31 - $456K - Arb elig. next season - Solid hitter vs LHP. with great power. If I don't trade him, he'll start every game vs LHP for the Hammers.

Rafael Santos - RF/3B/LF/1B - 30 - Signed for 3 years - $7M, $6M, $5M (mutual option). One of HJ's premier sluggers. Good for 40-60 HRs a season. Rifle arm in RF. I'm not really looking to trade him, but I'll consider offers.

Milton Cunningham - SP - 26 - Yr 1 Arb - $1.8M arb - 4 yr / $26M long term - Here's your chance to stay out of the FA bidding frenzy and pick up a solid SP. Had a rocky Season 7. Looking for a change of scenery.

Dan Brumfield - SP - 25 - $378K - RHPs who don't keep the ball on the ground have a hard time in SLC. Used as a spot starter on the road last season and was good. Not OK. Good. Almost all his bad outings were in the short RF of SLC. He's young, he's cheap, and he's improving. I'm not going to give him away, but if he can start every 5 games at home for you, he's worth more to you than he is to me.

Vince Borland - RP - 26 - $340K - Got to be able to setup, if not close, on any team. I've got one young RP to deal. He's the best of the lot who are not untouchable. Which means there are other's I'd trade, too.

Jeff Berry - RP - 26 - $378K - Former Rule 5 guys. Not well developed his first 4 seasons. High potential. Still improving. The kind of arm it's good to have in that 9-10 spot when a pitcher goes does midseason.

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